Home to the works of Marco Schwalbe. Digital artist for more than 20 years. Founder, CEO and curator of STROKE Art Fair.

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The task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.*

Human existence - a wonder or a coincidence? Science has taking huge steps exploring our origin, our existence and our habits to better understand what makes us the way we are. But the more knowledge we gain, the more new conundrums seem to appear. The better we understand our prehistory through the eyes of cognitive sciences or genetic research, the more we realize, that we might have already been a relict of our own existence. We are creating an environment, that is somehow developing it's own artificial ecosystem with a new approach on evolution. This system is moving with such a pace, that one could say, it has already outgrown our own human cognitive capacity.

Marco started his career as a digital artist almost 20 years ago and since then has continiously worked in the fields of art. Later in 2006 he founded his own successful art gallery in Berlin by the name of INTOXICATED DEMONS which led him only three years later to start the first international art fair STROKE dedicated to all the fresh developments in the New Contemporary Art Movement supporting the international digital art scene and exhibiting digital art since day one. Marco still works as the CEO of the art fair, as curator (for clients like Cadillac, MINI, Red Bull and various other brands) and as digital artist.

In his work Marco tries – somehow against the typical artistic scheme – to not only being focused on one specific artistic form of expression or creative style. His works can be more or less separated in different categories and aesthetic languages. His conceptual approach is deeply rooted in the topic of cognition and our human existence: Our lives are already deeply embedded in the digital sphere and we're fighting everyday trying to figure out how to cope with information overload, digital dementia, alternative facts and affective polarization. All that in combination sets the focus on the bigger frame. In his works, the underlying theme are the questions of what is reality, what is truth and what is it worth if all that is also pure information. His body of work circles around the idea of a purposeful destruction of information as the main resource for emotions, ideas and actions. It mixes fragments of reality and fragments of imaginations trying to blur the boundaries between the both of them. It's visual poetry transforming ideas words can't express into imagery.

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