Home to the works of Marco Schwalbe. Digital artist for more than 20 years. Founder, CEO and curator of STROKE Art Fair.

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You love art? You are fascinated by the most famous artists and their iconic artworks? You always dreamt of being a big collector with the ability to buy whatever you are interested in? But you simply don't have enough money?

That's not an issue anymore! You can now buy and collect the most exclusive art works in the world for a bargain! Buy a Warhol swap a Koons or get your own Rothko for roughly about 9.99 (depending on ETH) a piece. Create your own true art collection. No reproductions, no copies. Originals freshly minted for your pleasure.

Acquiring "WHO AM I" art collectibles is more than just adding art works to your collection. It's a fulfilling and rewarding process of creating wealth. Each piece comes with a unique price tag representing the incredible intrinsic value of its paragon. The first 3 collectors who are able to acquire a portfolio of over a billion $ will be in the splendid position to receive a custom piece (1/1) by INTOXICATED DEMONS.

INTOXICATED DEMONS is proud to present "WHO AM I" the first ever TRUE ART COLLECTIBLE. The series starts with the amazing "91.1 Mio USD" artwork, followed by the striking "69.3 Mio USD" and the infamous "Not for sale" canvas (that can be treated like a joker card to later proof necessary additional value).

We will release at minimum one new collectible every month. Upcoming drops will include the likes of KAWS, Murat Pak, Mark Rothko and Maurizio Cattelan and more.

You can buy THE WHO AM I COLLECTIBLES by following the link.